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Below is a list of many off-exchange Fountain Valley listings that have recently been offered for sale. This page contains many of the most popular listings of recent months, but also some that have been showcased in recent years, such as the recent sale of a house in the San Fernando Valley.

The listings for sale at the Fountain Valley Shopping Center are operated by LoopNet, Inc., an online marketplace for commercial real estate. As the world's leading commercial real estate and services marketplace, Loop net has over 7 million members and a user base of more than 2,000 local businesses, many of which specialize in Fountain Valley shopping centers. Loopnet's commercial property portfolio includes both bank-owned and commercial and residential properties as well as residential and office properties.

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Fountain Valley Plaza is a shady retail center in the heart of the city of Fountain Valley, California, just outside downtown Los Angeles.

Fountain Valley also houses a variety of restaurants, bars and a number of retail stores, as well as several restaurants and bars. It also bears a close resemblance to the malls of the city of Los Angeles, such as the Beverly Hills Shopping Center.

More About Fountain Valley

More About Fountain Valley